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A weekly game of Texas Hold'Em. A few rounds at the slots. Harmless, right? Gambling is a harmless entertainment enjoyed by many. In fact, 85% of Americans report they've gambled at least once.

But what happens when that
harmless entertainment stops being harmless?

For compulsive gamblers the stakes are high. Problem gambling behaviors:

  • Jeopardize relationships with loved ones.
  • Steal time from everyday activities, like work, school, or family life.
  • Drain financial resources.
  • Drive illegal activities, like theft, fraud, and embezzlement.
  • Trigger potentially suicidal thoughts or actions.

Problem gambling is more than just a 'money problem." Sometimes called the hidden addiction, this progressive disorder affects the compulsive gambler as well as family, friends, employers, and the community.

Compulsive gambling
is preventable and treatable.

Like other addictive behaviors, problem gambling can be successfully prevented and treated. Compass Mark offers the resources you need to get started.

Our Services

Whether you're personally struggling with compulsive gambling, seeking help for another, or trying to prevent problem gambling behaviors, Compass Mark offers the resources to guide youth and adults on a journey toward lives free from addiction and full of promise.

The Compass Mark team offers:

  • Information & Resources
  • Referral Services
  • Educational Programs
  • Life Skills Training
  • Conferences, Workshops & Other Events in Central PA and Beyond
  • Lending Library

Get Help

If you're worried about your own gambling habits or suspect a loved one or friend may have a gambling addiction, you will find help here:

  • Screening Tools
  • Intervention
  • Suicide Prevention for Compulsive Gamblers
  • Treatment Options & Support Groups
  • Self-exclusion List Info
  • Youth Portal
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